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  2. Your car could be stolen if you don't remember this!

    Imagine that your vehicle was taken! When you visit the police, they inquire about a particular "VIN check"

    A VIN decoder: What is it?

    Similar to a passport, the "VIN decoder" allows you to find out when the car was born and who its "parent"( manufacturing plant) is. You can also figure out:

    1.Type of engine

    2.Automobile model

    3.The limitations of the DMV

    4.Number of drivers in this vehicle

    You will be able to locate the car, and keeping in mind the code ensures your safety. The code can be checked in the database online. The VIN is situated on various parts of the car to make it harder for thieves to steal, such as the first person sitting on the floor, the frame (often in trucks and SUVs), the spar, and other areas.

    What happens if the VIN is intentionally harmed?

    There are numerous circumstances that can result in VIN damage, but failing to have one will have unpleasant repercussions because it is illegal to intentionally harm a VIN in order to avoid going to jail or being arrested by the police. You could receive a fine of up to 80,000 rubles or spend two years in prison. You might be held up on the road by a teacher.


    The VIN decoder may help to save your car from theft. But where can you check the car reality? This is why we exist– VIN decoders!


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